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If you’ve had problems with termites in your home then you know they are not to be taken lightly. The fact that they consume wood literally means that if not taken care of they can eat your house down. You need to call in the termite experts before they have you making calls to the building experts. And Arizona termite and pest control is the best choice for you. We provide professional termite services for residential and commercial properties.

Identifying the Termite Infestation Early

Did you know that in a colony the queen can lay 2000 eggs a day and live for up to 45 years with its male counterpart being able to mate with it for life? This literally means that the numbers of termites that can invade your home become boundless and go beyond a DIY project.

They generally love to make homes in wet timber or grounds so even if you are confident that your house may not be termite infested it is important especially in the rainy season to hire a professional company for an inspection just to be on the safe side. Arizona termite control is here to provide thorough and professional free termite inspection for your home

Dry Wood - Termites Appetite for Destruction

Did I hear you say you don’t have a damp wood problem?  I give you the dry wood termite. They make slower progress but are also harder to detect which means that by the time you get to identify their presence they have caused too much damage. If you have structures that are built with untreated wood  or live in a wonderful old home that may have a few cracks here and there, don’t hesitate to call us for a free termite inspection just to be on the safe side.


Termite Control For Your Lawn in Chandler AZ

There are Subterranean and grass eating termites which means that your homes foundation and lawns can be home to quite a few. If not checked termites can invade every part of your home from your carefully tended grounds to your house structure and to its foundation it’s important to invest in regular residential termite control inspections from a trustworthy and reliable company such as Arizona Termite control.


Termites Don’t Stop:

Keep in mind that once they have gotten a foot hold into your home they certainly will not stop at wood but if left unchecked and undetected will progress to paper, fabric and even carpets. With this in mind you have more to gain than lose by getting a free termite inspection from us, remember, it’s better to be on the safe side.

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