Bed Bug Slayer: Daimer Steam Cleaner:

A Knight in Shining Armor



Bed bugs are in the news virtually every day and if the epidemic is not as bad as it seems that’s fantastic, but if it is then we need a hero. The Daimer Steam Cleaner and Hepa Vac could be the pest management professional’s new best friend; a bed bug slayer.

Let’s get quickly to the facts about bed bugs for people who do not know them already. Bed bugs are tiny parasites that can’t exist without a steady food supply of blood. They generally eat at night when it’s dark; whether this is natural to the bed bug or based on human behavior is moot. When you lie down in your bed and get up in the morning, chances are you will not see them or any evidence of them. When you do see evidence it may be so insignificant that you aren’t sure, little dots on your skin from the bites, or rust smears on your bedding which is blood.

Once they’ve fed these creatures hide in seams and are so well hidden that vacuuming and spraying will not reach them all. Recommendations from various studies involve bagging all of your items and laundering in hot water, followed by drying them with a high heat. This is followed by bagging all of your items again for the exterminator to inspect when they come to fumigate your home. Bed bugs, in spite of their name are not confined to your bedding but can infest your furniture, clothing, fabric blinds and even your car. They are notorious hitchhikers and have gone home with police officers and firefighters. Anything that comes in contact with their home is fair game for a meal and a ride.

Daimer’s steam cleaner is one way of getting these elusive and prolific pests out of your home with the one thing they cannot stand, heat. A history of riding out of a burning building on the backs of firefighters gives us a clear view that they know their enemy. This commercial steam cleaner reaches temperatures up to 310 degrees and the boiler comes with a lifetime warranty. The vacuum extracts water and bed bugs as well as 99.9% of most germs and bacteria. It’s called “The KleenJet Mega 500VP ATIS” and is the knight in shining armor in the art of bed bug slaying.

Contact your local pest control specialists to see if they are using this remarkable tool. Your experts at termite treatment in Gilbert are comprehensive pest management professionals who can check your home for bed bugs as well as a host of other Arizona pests. Their methods of treatment include ongoing prevention programs designed just for you.



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