Though termites are ecologically beneficial, the same feeding behaviors that help the ecosystem can be very un-beneficial and damaging to human homes. Because termites feed primarily on wood, they can render a structure unlivable until expensive repairs are conducted. But just because termites primarily feed on wood it doesn’t mean that homes constructed primarily of wood are not the only structures that can be threatened by termite activity. Because these insects are capable of getting through plaster, metal siding, and more homes made from other materials may also host termite infestations. And termites also love to feed on the cabinets, floors, ceilings and wooden furniture inside these homes.

Termite Damage You Don’t Even Know About

Termites are often not identified before considerable damage has occurred, so it’s important that you are familiar with any telling signs. A professional will conduct a thorough inspection in order to correctly identify the problem and the treatment solution. Here is some information about two common species of termites as well as some information about the damage they cause so that you know what you should be looking for.

Subterranean Termite Damage Signs

Subterranean termites dwell underground in loose, damp soil mounds of mud tunnels that allow them covered access to above-ground food sources. These tunnels are usually located near the foundation of infested homes. You might not see any interior damage until the infestation is full-blown. Sometimes termite looks similar to water damage. Thinks to look for are: buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, or areas that appear as if there might be some slight water damage. There also might be visible mazes within walls or furniture. You might also smell a scent similar to mildew or mold.

Drywood Termite Damage Signs

Drywood termites build their colonies within the wooden structures they feed on. Thus, they are often found inside walls and furniture. Things to look for include veneer cracks and maze-like tunnels that often become visible because the colony has burrowed deeply into the item.

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