Ed Asner: The Exterminator in “GRACE”:

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GRACE with Paul Ruud and Ed Asner


“GRACE” Have Faith… And a Back-up Plan, is the motto of the new Broadway play with Paul Ruud and Ed Asner. Some of you may be too young to know who Ed Asner is; he’s a veteran actor who spent seven years as the “crusty” Mr. Grant on “The Mary Tyler Moore” show. His most recent television episodes include two episodes of Hawaii Five-O this year in March and August. He also appeared in Hot in Cleveland and appears in a Canadian television show called “Michael” on Tuesdays and Thursdays; he plays Dr. Wasserman.

In “GRACE” Ed Asner plays a German immigrant who is an exterminator and happens to be an atheist. The story centers around four characters; a husband and wife, their neighbor who is a widower, and the exterminator. According to Mr. Asner all of the characters are seeking Grace, but also says the “A” has tumbled and turned upside down. Mr. Asner barges in at beginning and end of the play as Karl, spouting his atheist views.

In an interview with Ed Asner, given to The Villager, he shows off his German accent and then quips that “they couldn’t get Arnold Schwarzenegger.” It’s interesting that the television veteran would return to theater where he started before making his foray into television in the early 1960’s. He’s not an atheist he says, but an agnostic until proven otherwise. From his point of view: “If there was a God he wouldn’t have invented man.”

In “GRACE” the part of Karl is described as an exterminator of assorted religious illusions. Paul Ruud plays Christian husband Steve and Kate Harrington plays Sara, his wife. Michael Shannon plays their reclusive neighbor who is attracted to Sara, and she to him.  “GRACE” is written by Craig Wright of TV’s Six Feet Under and directed by Dexter Bullard.  “GRACE” is scheduled to run through Jan. 6  at the Cort Theatre.

I’ve never seen a Broadway play, but it is fun to read about Ed Asner playing an exterminator and picture him working termite control in Gilbert. Like Karl in GRACE, our professional technicians handle every kind of pest both in your home and on your property. While we can promise that Mr. Asner won’t show up for your free termite inspection; if the play does well then perhaps we can hope for a movie version.



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