A change in the termite diet might lead to new ways of how we look at energy efficiency.

Keeping the Planet Clean

Termites, cockroaches, flies and ants help to keep our planet clean. They clean up waste that would pile up without them. Because of this job, entomologists have studied the insects that destroy our homes to get a better understanding of how to control the pests without destroying them. Each of these insects have digestive systems that break up waste into usable nourishment.

Termites Produce Gases

Termites have the ability to produce gases. If these gases could be harnessed they could be used to create energy. But no one wants to raise termites!  Even if the emissions can be harvested! Because of that scientists are striving to understand how wood and cellulose based products get digested and broken down by termites.

 New Research

New scientific research into termite diets took a closer look at differences in the bacterial colonies that make their homes in the termite gut. It’s these bacterial colonies that digest the wood based products termites feed upon. The bacterial colonies were the same – whether the termites ate wood or paper. But what was different was the make up of the genetics in the next generation of termites. Breeding termites that fed on a diet of paper shed a number of genetic codes that wood eating termites passed on to their young. Knowing that information may allow scientists to dream up better and more efficient ways of breaking down materials for biofuels.


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