Good News for California:

Eco Building Products on the Rise


The people of California have some new homes being built for a new generation. Eco building products are moisture, rot and termite resistant materials made by applying a coating to lumber. The company won an award this year for their advances in building products. They also have a subsidiary that won a building contract for the framing of eighty-eight homes in Ontario, California. Forty-two homes have already been completed and sixteen more will begin in November. The orders for the next leg of the construction have increased the company’s purchase orders. More contractors are beginning to notice the benefits of Eco Building products as the housing market starts to make a comeback.

Usually whatever happens in California spreads to the rest of the United States, good or bad. It would be wonderful if the use of termite resistant framing products became part of the national building code. There is only one state in the union that doesn’t have a termite problem and that’s Alaska. As we move forward and the housing market continues to come back in ever increasing numbers, so too will construction. It would be great if our homes were permanently protected from termites, imagine how much that would increase the value of our homes.

There’s only one foreseeable problem as termites will still breed underground and that is the homes that have not been constructed with termite resistant products. Those older homes will become targets for termites when the newer homes are being built. It’s a good idea to do any home repairs and new construction with this next generation of coated lumber. Get your free termite inspection and set up a system of termite control in Mesa. That way, when new homes are constructed in your area, your home will not be a target for termites.


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