Hurricane Sandy and Termite Trouble



Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is still pounding the east coast of the United States as people in Cuba and Haiti mourn and start their clean-up and rebuilding. The Miami Herald reports that some areas were harder hit than others because of damage that was already done. Sandy was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for Santiago De Cuba.

137,000 homes were damaged in Santiago alone and the streets are littered with that debris, mixed with downed trees. The church called San Pedrito crumbled before Sandy’s 115 mile per hour winds, but the problem here was not just the super storm, but years of termite damage.

The beams of San Pedrito, a frame church, were eaten away and now have fallen like a house of sticks. Reverend Luis Del Castillo said that they were able to recover the bell, the crucifix and the statue of Our Lady, but nothing else. The rest, he says, is on the ground. The estimated damage to Cuba is over two billion US dollars. So far, out of the estimated 66 deaths in the Caribbean from Hurricane Sandy, only eleven are reportedly in Cuba.

Termites are a problem in any storm because when the buildings that are infested come down, the termites must immediately get to work creating a new home and the survivors will regroup with the queen who is housed far underground. Insects are industrious at rebuilding their homes at the expense of our own. What shelter remains is likely to become infested with termites in the coming days. New construction after a storm like this offers a new fresh food source for the insects and the cycle begins again.

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