Apparently, a good many insurance companies count termite infestations—as well as ones from other pests—and the resulting damage to your property as matters of maintenance, which means the company shall not be paying for your termite control even when the termites are already visibly destroying your home. This does not mean everything related to termite damage is absolutely off the policy, of course. To take an example, consider the usual stipulation insurance companies give their clients, which is that they shall cover damage that results from unexpected (or abrupt, to be more precise) accidents. This means that if your termite problem damages a crucial part of your home’s structure, say your wooden flooring, and causes it to collapse all of a sudden (unexpectedly and abruptly), the resultant “accidental” damage—such as the broken leg you might receive as a result—shall be covered by your insurance carrier. Which does not mean they shall be paying for either the termite control you need or the direct damage of the termite infestation itself, of course, which would be the collapsed floor.

So what can you do? If we are just talking about the insurance companies’ policies, not a lot, to be honest: insurance carriers have been gradually expanding their list of exclusions over the years, and many typical pest problems are now included there. Termites just happen to be part of the pack: there are many other types of pests, from rodents down to other insects, that are no longer provided for by insurance carriers. Homeowners shall need to inspect their own policies very carefully to be more prepared, because it can be far more unpleasant to have to discover that your insurance does not cover a termite infestation while you are facing down said infestation already. At the very least, knowing it in advance should help you put certain precautions in place of your own initiative, especially if you live in areas like Arizona, where termites are common.

One thing you might want to try is to get a free termite inspection followed by a barrier installation from a reputable termite control company. This can bring down your chances of being victimised by the pests, as it shall provide you with a shield against possible “invaders”. The best thing to do here is to obtain an inspection and termite treatment that comes with a warranty. These warranty-bearing procedures mean that the termite control company shall give you a warranty for their work that lasts about a year, then come back afterwards to repeat the whole process and ensure your safety for another year. You may also strike a deal or take out a protection contract for termite control and prevention with a termite treatment company. These can help protect you where your insurance does not, especially if you act as soon as possible.

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