Kansas City:

Movie Goers May Be Taking Home a Souvenir:

Bed Bugs


The recent increase in reported bed bugs is just a sign of how quickly they spread. The Kansas City Star reports that a movie theater has found that out the hard way. Once a problem was reported, the customer’s complaint was taken seriously enough to bring in a pest control service for a thorough search.  The theater closed its doors for renovation. The management did not say what the pest control specialist found.

This isn’t the only theater that has had to shut down for the tiny creatures that hitch a ride on a host and then jump off at the next stop. Bed bugs are spread as easily as that. The theater may have worried that customers would blame them for an infestation at their home. That’s almost like a chicken and egg question. It would be very hard to tell where the infestation started and when.

Pest control companies have been on their toes this year as students returning to college campuses have found bed bugs as well as the usual business from hotels. Bed bugs take a rest in bus stations and anywhere else they can find a seam to hide inside.

One of the best treatments to get rid of these pests is heat. They do not like it and flee from it. The heat treatment, when used, must be done by a professional who is trained in the identification of the pests, as well as the use of the technology.

Pest control in Gilbert has the professionals you require for all of your needs. Terminating a termite problem is just one of the many skills that are required in order to be licensed in Arizona. If you think you may have bed bugs or are plagued by any Arizona pest, don’t take it upon yourself to deal with it. Call the people with the training and the know how to take care of your problem.


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