Because most people know termites as pests, it’s hard to be able to evaluate them for some of their fascinating aspects. We know them as the little creatures that eat the wood in our homes, and cause billions of damage across the nation each year.

Good Vibrations

Did you know that termites communicate via vibration? When a predator is detected, a termite thumps its head against the tunnel ground, causing  vibration that spreads to the next termite, and so on and so on. Once on termite starts this, as the vibration travels through the tunnels, the other termites begin beating their heads to send the vibration even further. The termites know which direction to run in based on which foot feels the vibration first. That means the termites are able to detect that slight super short moment between their feet! And that moment can be less than the blink of an eyelid.

Caring for Each Other

But termites don’t just send the vibration out to warn everyone – it goes further. When soldier termites feel the call, they rush towards the vibration – to defend the colony. The worker termites head deeper into the colony, to protect the queen. The whole colony is programmed to protect the colony and future of the colony. The structure of their caste system is built around that whole mentality.

Termites Care

It might sound odd, but termites care for one another. The soldiers defend the colony. The workers make sure everyone is fed and cared for. The queen, by laying her eggs, is completely devoted to repopulating and growing the colony. While termites are known as disgusting pests, these aspects – the caring methods – might just be something that humans can learn from.


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