Pest Control in the News: Bed Bug University?


2012 has been a landmark year for bed bug activity. The population explodes in Universities, hotels and motels have been involved in lawsuits over infestations.  Even Policemen and Firemen have reported outbreaks due to the nature of these tiny beasts. When public servants enter a home or business to protect the public, these tiny creatures get into their equipment and clothing. Police cars have become infested because the bed bugs are in the equipment when it’s stored in the trunk and from there they make their way to the interior undetected. The officers then take the bed bugs into their homes, and they spread throughout the house. It only takes two or three to cause an infestation in a few short months.

For firemen it’s a bit worse. Bed bugs don’t like heat and in their frenzied attempt to escape the heat, bed bugs attach themselves to the protective clothing. After the fire this clothing is put back in the truck and the unsuspecting firemen may have already gotten bedbugs in their own uniform. Bed bugs like to bite in the morning and then go back to their hiding place so it could be months before anyone notices these creatures are even there. Usually they will go unseen until there are a large number of them.

In 2009 the EPA actually got involved and held the first National Bed Bug Summit to educate business owners, consumers, and pest control agencies about the detection and prevention of bed bug outbreaks.

In the meantime, some bright individuals came up with a brilliant idea to squash the bed bugs once and for all. They created Bed Bug University. Their aim is to educate pest control technicians in detection, eradication and prevention. If the idea works this could mean an end to the bed bug population explosion and an end to lawsuits.

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