Pest Control News: Black Widow: Special Delivery



Black Widow shipped to U.K. A package that was meant to contain parts for a manufacturing firm in the U.K. held a surprise stow-away; a black widow spider complete with eggs ready to hatch. The firm recognized the creature and called a local pest control agency. The immediate response probably averted what could have been a catastrophe. The spider was imprisoned under a glass, and when the pest management agency came in they were able to quickly identify her and her brood. They contacted the local authority and found that there were only two sources of anti-venom, should anyone be bitten.

One of the local hospitals that carry the anti-venom was contacted and instructions were obtained in case of a close encounter of the biting kind. The spider and the nest were transferred safely to an insect jar and the babies hatched within 24 hours. It was seriously a close call and makes the case for closer inspections of materials prior to shipping. Many insects have been transported from country to country and region to region, making pest control more difficult all over the world. Every insect has its own place in the food chain and in the local ecology. Introducing a pest that has no local predator can tip the balance considerably. Spiders are predatory creatures and are wonderful for pest control; poisonous spiders, however, can pose a threat to humans and aren’t welcome. The traveling black widow and her nest apparently shipped out of Texas.

The Black Widow Spider is one of the most notorious spiders in the world, recognized by its shiny black body and the red hourglass design on its underbelly. There are many different widows, but the black widow is well-known world-wide. While the creature is reported to be more venomous than a rattle-snake, bites are not usually serious to humans except in small children or people with allergies. The black widow is also reported to kill her mate, which is not always true either. People should be aware that this is a dangerous insect and bites should never be taken lightly. If you are bitten by a spider that you do not see, you should get medical attention. Think of it as a “better safe than sorry” approach, because while the bite may not be from a poisonous spider, you may still get an infection or have an allergic reaction.

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