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Do You Know What’s Bugging You?

It happens all the time, you’re sitting on the couch watching television and you hear a funny noise. You lie down to go to sleep and start to itch. You come into the kitchen and turn on the light; did something move? You swear that you saw, heard, or felt something. It happens all the time, to everyone. The fear creeps in that maybe you do need an exterminator after all. For most people calling an exterminator is like going to the dentist, we just don’t want to do it!

Termite Control Glendale offers Free Termite Inspections and complete pest control. People who have a pest problem in Arizona know that you can’t always handle it alone. It’s the not knowing that gets to us. We just aren’t sure what we heard or saw.

College students are reporting bed bugs on campus and immediately we start to think that’s why we can’t sleep. Maybe we have bed bugs. Then there’s a commercial on television about restless legs syndrome and we wonder if that’s our problem.

Anxiety ensues when you look at your family and wonder if you are protecting them from the pests that may be causing your problems. No one else seems to be feeling what you’re feeling. Then a commercial is on about anxiety, and you decide that it’s all in your head.

You still haven’t called an exterminator when one night you do see it. It may be a cockroach, a spider, ants, or even a flea. In your head you wonder if you should make the call, but instead you go to the supermarket and agonize over which of the options is the best remedy.

Here it is: at the first sign of trouble, don’t wait to find out what’s bugging you. Call a licensed professional who has experience with pest control. It’s a no brainer.



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