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Peanut Butter Recall: Sunland Inc.



This is one of the most important pieces of news that I have ever written about; I know, how can peanut butter be all that important, right?

Sunland Inc. has had an ongoing pest control problem for years. The company has also been cited for improper food handling and food storage practices. Sunland has even packaged food made from lots that had already tested positive for salmonella. This is a serious disaster of epic proportions when you consider that the violations go all the way back to 2007. Their peanut butter is used in many foods that are not manufactured by Sunland Inc. but by other companies. Peanut butter is often a staple of the people who would be most affected by a salmonella outbreak, children and the elderly. When disasters strike, such as the recent Hurricane Sandy, peanut butter is one thing you can count on, but not this time. New Mexico’s Sunland Inc. has increased their product recalls across the country to over 250 products manufactured between March 1st, 2010 and September 24th, 2012.

The worst of the infractions that Sunland Inc. has tried to cover up is where the Salmonella came from. Peanuts were stored outside where birds were landing on them and leaving their droppings behind. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the problems now. Sunland has voluntarily added items to the recall list but that was after a salmonella outbreak. In other words, they’ve been selling the food right along, but now that people have gotten sick they are covering their bases.

The worst part of all this is that one of the products that was possibly tainted is commonly distributed as part of school lunch programs. Can you imagine finding out your child was exposed to salmonella through a school lunch? It is appalling, but Smuckers Uncrustables uses Sunland Peanut Butter. One point that is notable is that the uncrustables don’t make it onto Sunland’s recall list; another point is that their “best if used by” date is prior to November 14th and they weren’t recalled before that date.

So now you see why I say this news is important. How can people protect themselves and their children if the food we are assured is safe by the FDA is not and was not safe in the first place? It galls me and I hope it galls you too. Add to this the numbers of jobs that may be lost if the company goes out of business because the problem got so out of hand. What about lawsuits that may follow, now that people have gotten sick and the strain of salmonella was traced back to Sunland Inc.? It’s not just a few jars of peanut butter after all.

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Please check out the following website for a complete list of recalled Sunland Inc. products.



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