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Yes, there are pest conservationists among us and they worry that pest control is destroying beneficial species of insects. I found a great web site about this conservation and I thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight on pest control. Insect conservationists claim that there are less insects on the planet than at any time in history, but I’m not so sure that is the truth.

Many people are so afraid of insects that they kill them whenever and wherever they see them. These people will step on insects that are crawling on the side walk. They don’t understand that insects are only pests when they are in our homes, carry disease, or damage crops and other property.

For instance, squirrels are not a pest in the park or even the back yard. They’re cute alert and playful woodland animals. If they nest in fruit and nut trees in an orchard, however, they become pests and they affect the economy. Fruit and nut growers depend on the price that they get in the marketplace to keep the orchards safe and healthy. The price that we pay at the market is based on the yield. This year some of our most prolific suppliers saw an increase in the squirrel population that was so great they had to take measures. There were so many squirrels in New England this year that they caused motor vehicle accidents when people swerved to avoid them. You see, just because we love an animal or an insect and know they do no harm; in large numbers they can create a pest problem.

Insects and animals are necessary to break down the amount of waste that is produced on our planet. Ants outnumber humans a million to one. Bees produce all of the honey that we eat and they also pollinate all of the food producing plants that we need for survival. Even rodents and birds play their parts in keeping our planet running smoothly. Without the insects and animals that we often label as pests, humans could not survive. Nature is a delicate balance and these creatures have been here for hundreds of thousands of years; much longer than mankind.

Pests in Mesa are only those insects and animals that pose a threat to your health and home. Termites are necessary in wooded areas to break up the plant matter that covers the ground; they are not needed in our homes. Ants rid the planet of dead plant material, dropped food, and even dead reptiles or insects that would pile up if they were not used by ant colonies. Spiders help to keep the populations of other pests under control. They eat mosquitoes and flies that get caught in their webs. Pest management professionals know the difference between pests and beneficial creatures and do their best to help maintain the balance of nature in nature, not in your home.



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