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Mouse Takes on New Meaning in the U.K.



Morpeth, a town in Northumberland, England reports that residents of Northumberland can now enjoy pest control “at the click of a mouse.” It’s really a huge step to take a pest control website as far as this on line booking system. It could be considered a model for other government agencies.

Residents, businesses and organizations are invited to go on line and click on the type of pest problem they are facing. They are directed to information on pest control with pricing based on the type of pest and the class of treatment. Appointments can be made early in the morning for people who have to work during the day. The increased flexibility means more people receive the treatments that they need. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled on the website as well.

Morpeth is a small town when compared to many in the US. The population in recorded during the 2001 census was under 14,000 residents. The website that handles the pest control appointments is on Northumberland’s government website. Elimination of rats and mice inside the home is free for all of the residents of Northumberland. In the U.K. most pest control is carried out by a government council although there are privately owned pest control firms in England.

Appointments for pest control in Mesa are not quite as automated as they are in Northumberland. Here you can fill out a contact form or call for more information to get that personal touch that is missing from on line scheduling. Arizona residents can qualify for a free termite inspection; termites were not even mentioned on the U.K. website. Unlike local pest control services in Arizona, the council in Northumberland does not deal with spiders and a laundry list of other pests. Arizona pest control services deal with spiders all the time. So maybe Arizona pest control is behind on the automation; we have some pests here that can’t be ignored.


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