Pest World for Kids:

NPMA Contest for Students


This is a public service announcement for anyone who wants to get their kids involved in a fun contest. The National Pest Management Association holds a contest every year for students in 4th through 8th grade. The contest is promoted through the schools and this wonderful website The site is designed to help students understand the difference between the insects that they read about in science class as beneficial and the ones called pests. Of course the insects do, as the site says, have their jobs to do. They become pests when they infest our homes and back yards. I like that definition because I know that children’s favorite cartoon characters are often what adults would call pests.

The website has a pest guide, pest games, report writing, science fair kits and lesson plans. It’s a great resource for teachers, parents and students. There are also Critter Crafts, Pest Quest which is an on line TV show for kids, and a free book download. You can get the PDF version of “Pest Detectives” or open an on line flip book version. The E-book is only .99 cents if you’d like to make the purchase for your e-reader. There is, of course, a link to the contest which is what I am writing about.

The contest is to create a Public Service Announcement about pests. The winner will get $3000 for their school. There’s a PSA lesson plan to get the students started and teachers can assign the students a 30 to 60 second spot for their entry. Submissions must come from teachers in order to be valid.

So, now when you need to call for pest control in Scottsdale and your kids think that pests are cute, you can direct them to this website. Make sure to let your local school know about the site and about the contest! The contest ends December 21st 2012 at 11:59 pm EDT.


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