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Treating termite damage can be costly and thus, it should be noted that is very rarely covered under homeowner’s insurance. Because termites live within walls and furniture, as well as create well-concealed mounds of tunnels in the mud in the soil surrounding homes that often go unnoticed, many homeowners do not recognize infestations until they are fully mature. These mature colonies feed constantly and as a result can inflict increasing amounts of damage every day that they are left undetected. Because of this it is advised that you use preconstruction termite control when building a home or any other structure.

Pest Control Professionals

You local pest control professionals can help you decide any preconstruction termite control methods. You can be guaranteed that any cost incurred with these preventive measures will be minimal when you compare them to what you will pay if you have to treat an infestation.

Build with Termite Resistant Wood

Use of termite-resistant wood is a popular preconstruction termite treatment. In fact, resinous woods are naturally termite resistant. Other woods can be chemically injected to deter termites. And while no method can be 100% guaranteed against natural pests, termite-resistant wood has proven to be highly effective in the protection of new homes from infestation for long amounts of time.

Creating Termite Barriers

Creating barriers surrounding or under a home’s foundation can help to secure a home against subterranean termite infestations. Some forms of these barriers are: chemically treated synthetic blocks, insulation, and soil. Liquid residual preconstruction treatments also exist and can be applied to the soil during construction. In fact, they are often applied to soil prior to the building slabs even being poured.


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