Buying a home is a big deal – make sure you’re buying a home that doesn’t have termite damage you’ll need to pay for later. Since termites, also known as “silent invaders” or “silent destroyers” are responsible for up to $5 billion worth of damage per year, it’s important you do everything to protect your home. Termites can eat away at the insides of homes without homeowners even having a clue. This can go on for the years leading up to the sale of the home. Once the sale is done and an inspection is done – uh oh – termites are discovered.

Discovering Termite Damage Before the Sale

Whether you’re buying or selling, a home inspection is typically conducted. If “evidence of termite activity” is detected, it’ll be necessary to address this.

A buyer will usually want to know whether the termites are active or inactive. But determining that, and ruling out any termite presence on the property can be impossible because termites live in the walls of the home – and it’s impossible to inspect every square inch in order to claim  a house is 100% “termite free.”

Termite Inspector

A termite infestation, when treated properly by a termite control professional,  can be controlled, thus protecting your home. A termite control professional will also be able to suggest what should be done for the future of the home – there are various prevention treatments that can be implemented.

During construction

Often times termite damage is discovered when homeowners are in the midst of a remodel of a home.  Peeling back the walls often reveals termites that have been living and feeding inside the walls. Reconstruction costs can be significant, so it’s important to have a termite control specialist address the problem, correct any damage and find a way to protect your structure for the future.


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