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Termite control in the United States takes the form of inspection, detection, removal, repair and prevention of future infestation. For the people who continually use termite prevention, control is a simple one step process, create a barrier to termite infestation and you never have to worry about termites, period. It should seem to be a common sense rule, maybe even a mandate that homeowners have continual protection. Of course it would be unfair to force people to spend money they do not have on a pest control contract; in North America we have two systems, one for those who prevent termites, and one for those who wait until they think there is a problem.

In other parts of the world the residents of each country are bound by a different set of rules and termite control takes on a different scope. Here we have a free enterprise system and the controls in place are based on education and licensing of Termite Control Professionals, such as  Termite Control Gilbert. In Fiji, as in other parts of the world, termite control is regulated by the government.

According to The Fuji Sun, Operation Kadivuka began in 2010 to eradicate the Asian Subterranean Termite which they believe infiltrated Fiji as a result of shipping. Whether the termites originated in the United States or Asia is unclear, but the culprit seems to be pallets that were infested with a termite that was not indigenous to the country. Fiji is home to 14 types of termites, 13 of which have always been there.

Operation Kadivuka is a Government operation which employs “Bio-security officers” from a variety of ministries and departments. These officers were given a Three Phase System to employ:

  1. Survey and Awareness which involved marking buildings that needed attention.
  2. Containment which involves treatment and rehabilitation.
  3. Monitoring and Surveillance which involves making sure people don’t do anything that could transfer contamination.

Since it is a Government Agency that carries out these strategies there are also imposable fines ranging from $40,000 to $200,000 if people in the emergency areas do not comply with rules such as the mandate against taking personal items from their homes if they have termites.

I can’t imagine how Arizona would react to this type of system. Here we have our clear choices. Consistent prevention begins with a Free Termite Inspection. You’re free to take matters into your own hands, this is America.


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