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Borates and Orange Oil Treatments

Borates are chemical compounds that are based on naturally occurring boron-containing salts in the ground all around us. Many people will remember the “20 Mule Team Borax” that their parents or grandparents used for EVERYTHING! Borax is used to absorb odors, boost laundry detergent and freshen carpets. Many of the powdered cockroach control products contain borates. When the chemical is properly mixed and applied, Tim-Bor can be an effective method of prevention for termites and other wood damaging insects. When borates are ingested by insects they become sick, the parasites in the termites cannot process the poison and the termites die. They do live long enough to feed the poison to other colony members. Borates also leave a powdery residue that is picked up on the insects’ bodies. In the act of grooming and preening, the insects ingest the chemical and die. This doesn’t prevent infestation, but it can prevent damage because the insects that do come in don’t live long enough to create a problem. The only drawback is that borates can be washed away by flooding or leaks. Borates should be applied to wood when it is exposed, as in renovation or during construction.

Orange oil is the main ingredient in XT-2000 and it kills Drywood termites. There is no doubt that orange oil works in killing insects such as these. Why and how it work is less important than the fact that it does work; but the basic idea is that it dries the termites up. Drywood termites have no access to the earth, so all of the moisture they need for survival comes from the wood that they eat. There isn’t a lot of moisture in the wood anyway; using orange oil makes it impossible for the Drywood termite to absorb any moisture and they die.

Termite control in Glendale is always on the lookout for the best and safest way to treat or prevent termites. The chemicals that are created and tested in laboratories often contain elements from nature which makes them safer for people and pets. While no one should ingest Tim-Bor or XT-2000, these treatments come from nature making them a bit safer than some of the other chemicals available for termite control.




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