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NyloDeck: A Unique Wood Deck Substitute


All over the world a need was identified and inventors answered the call. Wood alternatives are coming out of the woodwork. Termite control follows a simple rule, separate the wood from the termites. Over the years, that has been tried with concrete, steel, aluminum, and treated materials. For all of that the termites still found a way into our homes. Chemicals have been tried, the soil has been treated with particles that slice up the termites, even termite birth control; still the little guys kept coming.

Now manufacturers are regularly coming up with new trims and decking that is not a wood product and this might be something that will work eventually. Today’s new product is NyloBoard decking called NyloDeck. What sets NyloBoard apart is that it is the “Composite that isn’t” or a Non-composite product. Containing no wood and no PVC or HDPE, this product is truly unique.

Nyloboard LLC has patented a process for recycling carpet fibers. The resultant products are durable and “color through” which means they are less susceptible to fading than PVC based composite products. One 15’x30’ section of NyloDeck reportedly contains enough carpet to cover the floors of an entire home. That is impressive, and it makes this decking exceptionally strong.

While NyloDeck may be your new go to product for durable non-wood decking, this is only part of termite termination. In Arizona, we already know how hard it is to keep pests at bay. Our homes have been invaded already and we know what we’re up against. Don’t waste time with worry about termites in Glendale; work from the inside and the outside of your home. A free termite inspection should be your first step to complete home protection. Once you know that no termites are present then you can follow the personal plan your termite control specialist provides for you. Implement that plan then use the new wood free products to separate your home from the earth when you decide to renovate.


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