Termite Control via Green Construction



Who would have ever thought that termite resistant construction materials would be certifiable as a green alternative in construction? Green construction is about more than creating a home that is less dependent on the local energy provider. People generally view green construction as using items that are energy efficient and relatively maintenance free.

Green Construction actually applies for more than energy efficiency. It’s all about the resources that are saved. Kleer Lumber is just one of the Green Construction alternatives that are of PVC manufacture.

Interestingly enough, PVC and HDPE production is a hot market. These products are taking the lead in ever widening markets. First it was found that these products could replace outdoor recreational items such as benches, picnic tables and children’s playground equipment. Parks and Recreation Departments around the country have replaced steel and wood with PVC and HDPE, which is low maintenance and virtually pest free.  A portion of these products are often made from recycled materials.

Kleer Lumber now sells trim that will protect your home from insects by putting distance between the insects and the wood. This is an age old tactic for pest protection that was once a part of normal construction. Contractors used brick and steel to prevent infiltration by insects for many years. Things changed when consumers lost sight of the reason behind the costs and people thought “that would never happen here” or “that would never happen to me.”

Eventually the idea of protecting the home from the outside in, from the ground up, with foundations that were resistant to insects was a thing of the past. Cost was the factor that made the change and now cost is a factor in keeping your home pest free. Mesa termite specialists  can offer  you the plan that will work best for your home, based on the type of construction, the age of your home, and the environmental factors in play. You can purchase decorative trim products and hope that they work, or you can set up a chemical barrier around your home. The choice is clear, because the inspection is free.



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