Termites or white ants or silent destroyers of property are pests that can eat your home right under your nose. Billions of dollars of property is lost every year to this highly resilient pest; Termite Inspection Chandler is no exception.  Here are a few facts that could help you know whom you are dealing with and thereby enable you to protect your home and bank balance effectively.


(1)        Termites are extremely resilient and adapting; they have walked the earth since past 250 million years;


(2)        The best time for house inspection for termites is during March-May. The reason for the “termite inspection Chandler” season is that during this time the swarmers (name given to winged termites) come out from their nests in their attempt to make new colonies. Termite control in Arizona becomes easier because then you can locate, track and exterminate them.


(3)        Contrary to popular belief, termites do not eat only wood. Their huge colonies are known to damage swimming pool liners, books, wall papers, insulation, and swimming pool filtration systems. They can also damage and often kill large trees. If there are termite colony signs around your home, it would be good if you look up what type of green termite treatment Gilbert is available for your use.


(4)        Besides the seasonal give-away for termite Arizona infestations, there are a few other telltale ways which would point at termite attack. Check for the infamous mud tubes that run across walls/ windows/ doors of your home. The diameter of these mud tubes (tunnels through which the termites movie about) are normally about the thickness of a pencil. If you break these tubes at any place, you will instantly have a spill out of white ants for they use these tubes as thoroughfares between the various colonies and their “food” – your home.


Caveat: sometimes, the tubes will be empty; this does not mean that the termite infestation is gone. At times, the white ants leave one side of their colony to focus on foraging of building new branches for their expanding colony.


(5)        Many people feel that calling a termite treatment Chandler expert is a waste of money, time and effort. They feel that they could do the same work for a fraction of the cost. Wrong. This is one pest infestation where you should NOT take any chances. The professional exterminator will use his/ her long experience besides on-the-job training and exposure to track and get your home rid of these pests. You might not be as thorough and in the process risk spending a fortune on repairs at a later date.


(6)        It is a myth that a colony of termites can destroy a home within days – no matter how big their colony is. They are slow and are extremely harmful if not detected for years. Hence, do not jump into choosing the first termite inspection Chandler professional when you realize your home is under attack. Take your time and research carefully on each one of the termite treatment Gilbert companies listed online before you take a decision. There are plenty to choose from among the top termite control Arizona companies.