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The Housing market has taken a turn for the better and HGTV is not far behind. Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes” fame is back with a new show. The timing could not be better. The new series “Holmes Makes it Right” will debut in Canada on Tuesday evening but we can suffer through as we await our turn by reading the common sense interview with Mike Holmes.

One of the biggest problems with homeowners, according to Holmes, is the fantasy of the dream home. Just as people often say “love is blind” it appears that the dream home mentality may put stars in the eyes of prospective buyers. That is how disasters happen. The buyer looks at the inspection and decides that they can manage fixing the few items that are not up to par. Holmes suggests going from an “outside in” point of view.

What are the problems that the area is prone to? Heavy rains, for instance, that produces flooding of driveways or yards that can mean a larger problem during rainy season. If termites are prevalent in the area, then you want to know when the house was built and what types of controls were in place. Code enforcement is, according to Mr. Holmes, one thing you must consider. Many contractors try to avoid certain building codes if they are expensive, especially if they can find a way around the restrictions.

For newer homes there may not be enough evidence to compare and when coming upon a newer home then you must know the right questions to ask. It’s very important to look up information on the area before buying there. You’ll find local facts are available on the internet with a quick search that will show any complaints or compliments of the builders, weather patterns and even problem insects like termites.

Just because you have found a beautiful home does not mean you have found a safe home that will last a lifetime. So, if you are absolutely in love with the property and cannot live without it, then you must be prepared to go along with the responsibilities that come with your purchase. You can get a free termite inspection in Tempe and put your mind at ease. Your trained professional will be able to come up with the plan that is right for you to prevent termite infestation and help you rest assured that your home is protected.


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