A termite inspection is the best way to protect your home against what are commonly referred to as the “silent destroyer.” Termites are aptly named for their ability to destroy a home without any warning. Billions of damage are done yearly by these pests. Scheduling a regular termite inspection can help ensure you don’t shell out thousands for damage that has gone undetected.

How Long Does it take to do a Termite Inspection?

Depending on the size of your home, a termite inspection will take 30 minutes to two hours. A termite control specialist will not only perform a thorough inspection, but they will also complete a report. Once the report is complete, they will review their findings with you. This can either happen yearly, as part of an annual treatment program. More inspections (monthly or quarterly) might be required for your house if devices such as bait and monitoring stations have been installed. These inspections will be done to check for signs of activity.

How Long Does a Termite Treatment Last?

Reputable termite companies typically guarantee their work with a warranty. These warranties differ from company to company and state to state, and are usually based on the aggressiveness of the termite species specific to that location. Some warranties will cover re-treatment in cases of termites reappearing, while others cover repairs for additional damage that future termites may cause.

Effectiveness of Termiticides

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires registered soil termiticides are effective for at least five years. If properly applied, termiticides typically provide protection for longer than five years. Unfortunately, sometimes termites find a way past these termiticides – usually in cases where the landscape gets disturbed as a result of repairs or landscaping. Because of this, some homeowners choose to renew annual termite contracts. Check with your termite control specialist about the treatment that you choose to see how often your house will need to be re-inspected.

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