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Can a 100 Year Old Avocado Tree Be Saved?



View of the 100 year old Avocado Tree


Ventura, California has been fighting for an avocado tree estimated to be at least one hundred years old. The tree isn’t on public property, but in the back yard of a private owner. The tree overhangs the sidewalk and a neighboring yard, but that’s not the reason the tree is coming down. The homeowner fears termites.

Now there have been many older trees in the news recently because of termite infestation. One was able to be saved by a tree surgeon, but many more have been slated for removal.

The city of Ventura protects older trees that are on public property, but not on private property. The county, on the other hand, protects public and private property trees. The neighbors who have grown up around the tree and come to love the avocados, held a vigil for the tree that was slated to come down over the weekend. One neighbor, although she knew it would be too late to save this tree, is going to the city meeting today to try to get the protections extended to private property trees.

The new owner bought the property after the previous owner, a 98 year old woman, passed away. It’s sure to be a bone of contention in the neighborhood that this new homeowner has decided to remove something that has stood the test of time. Maybe this neighborhood should have brought out the welcome wagon early, long before the new owner decided to get rid of the tree.

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