Termite News: Termites Double Budget in Lavonia


MJ Kneiser of Lake Hartwell Radio has published several reports on the renovation of the 100 year old train station in Lavonia, Georgia. The renovation was to be done in three phases and the budget was supplemented by an additional $50,000 grant, but that looks like it won’t be near enough to pay for the job.

The contracted bid was accurate, and the job ahead of schedule, but there are often unforeseen forces at work. This time those unforeseen problems came in the form of termite destruction causing structural damage and destroying some of the hardwood flooring. The job, when it was bid, should have cost between $100,000 and $150,000; with the addition of the termite damage and removal the job will cost closer to $250,000.

The contractors have not halted in their resolve to finish the project in time for an open house celebration at the end of December. The historic building will be restored back to what it once was, only better. Past renovations have covered years of damage with upgrades. Now the depot will look much as it did a hundred years ago when it first opened. The waiting room and luggage room will serve as a small and large meeting room, while the original ticket office is being fully restored.

Older buildings are especially susceptible to termite damage as the newer building materials have been treated to resist infestations. Termite will always go for their easiest feast, and usually that means older structures that have a place in our hearts and are filled with historical memories.

Termites in Tempe are often discovered during a free or routine termite inspection. Most termites that are found during renovations are found in older historical buildings. Ironically renovations are probably the best time to locate termite damage as the repair was going to be done anyway. When doing renovations, additions and repairs, home and business owners should choose newer products that are resistant to termite damage. These products include composite and coated building materials as well as new types of insulation that inhibit insect infestation.


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