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Termite Terrace
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There are many people who will remember Termite Terrace after hearing about the first Warner Bros Animation studio in documentaries about Looney Tunes or Mel Blanc. For some, the term might be an alien idea, bringing up a comic idea of apartment rentals. Yes an apartment building that ends up having termites might be called Termite Terrace; but the coined phrase is always attributed to the geniuses in animation that brought us Bugs Bunny.

In the Bugs Bunny Superstar documentary, Bug talks about Termite Terrace as the birthplace of Looney Tunes and the characters created by residents Tex Avery and Friz Freleng. The 1975 documentary is now available from Warner Bros for people who want to own the memories created there; the DVD includes 9 classic cartoons.

The very first animated short that was created for Warner Bros was produced by Leon Schlesinger in 1930 and included a character that most of us never saw again. “Sinking in the Bathtub” was spurred by the successes of Walt Disney, and featured a wide eyed cat named Bosko.

Three Disney veterans had founded the studio; Friz Freleng, Hugh Harmon and Rudolph Ising, but it didn’t begin to take shape until the addition of Tex Avery after he left Universal. It was Tex who saw the potential in the Termite Terrace artists and really put the spin on Looney Tunes.

Warner Bros has undergone change after change; it has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. The cartoons that started it off are still played, still enjoyed, and now being passed on to a new generation. Many have shared the original cartoons with their children and grandchildren. The release of the DVD collections is just one more phase for Warner Bros Animation.

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