How do you decide which termite treatment Chandler is best for you? What options do you have? Termites are counted among the most dangerous of all pests for their attack is almost always without a warning and the damage to the property devastating. Hence, the decision of what means you use to ensure that your home is termite-free and termite-proof should be a carefully deliberated one.


This is an especially important step if you are buying or selling your home as termite infestation can affect the price of the house drastically. To ensure your home is termite free, call for an inspection and work out the best termite treatment Chandler can offer.  Each house is unique and even though the termite species would be same, no two homes can have the exact same treatment with same results.


Hence, the as termite treatment Chandler professional would explain, each house would require a completely customized approach to ensure that your home is freed from the effects of these types of pests and further attacks are prevented.


What Are The Possible Treatment Choices Available?


In most locations there are two types of termites that attack homes, i.e. subterranean termites and drywood termites.


(1)       Drywood termites – for this type of infestation you can choose between two types of treatment. The first and most preferred is the wood treatment. This involves the application of specific formulated solutions to the wood items throughout the property by the termite treatment Chandler professional. This would make the wood unpalatable to the termites and hence, prevent their attack. In case, they have already settled in, this treatment would ensure that they are exterminated. The second one is the tent-fumigation treatment, which is costlier and more cumbersome. However, if the infestation is very wide spread this is the best way to control it.


(2)       Subterranean termites – here you have three major method to fight the infestation and prevent further recurrence of termite attack:


–      Bait and monitoring System – the termite treatment Chandler professional would place monitoring systems at all possible entry points and watch for termite activity. If termites are found,  then the monitoring stations would be replaced with baiting stations where a liquid pesticide is kept. They termites come to the bait, eat it and then share it among their colony members, which will result is effective extermination of the whole colony.


–      Repellant termiticide – this is a solution that would make the area feel like a hostile environment for termites. As soon as the termites sense the termite repellant, they leave the area.


(3) Non-repellant termiticide – the downside with the repellant type of extermination and protection is that the termite has to come in contact with the pesticide for it to work. Since it is repellant, unless it is injected right into the colony it might not work very well on the already infected portions of the house, which are inaccessible. Hence, the best bet is the non-repellant termite treatment Chandler. This would ensure that the termites not only eat it without any suspicion, but also share it among their colony ensuring successful extermination.