Termite Treatment News: Australia Pursuing Natural Methods


Termite Expert Brad Anderson reports in the Melodika.net termite blog that natural termite treatments are still being pursued. While stating that there is ongoing research in the use of nematodes, the parasitic worm that could be the future of termite control, he also recommends Altriset by DuPont Chemicals.

Altriset may one day replace Termidor and Premise which are currently the top termiticides in use on the market. Altriset works like the chemicals that treat fleas on household pets, paralyzing the jaw so that the insect can’t feed. Some insects, such as bed bugs can live for months without feeding, and still continue to lay eggs. Termites require moisture for their survival and if they can’t eat they will quickly dehydrate and die. The best part of Altriset is that it actually improves social behavior among the termites unlike Premise which actually hinders the social actions that spreads the termiticide.

According to the DuPont Chemicals claims, this is the first in ground pesticide that has been rated as a reduced risk treatment. There are no first aid measures necessary if the chemical gets onto skin or is splashed in the eyes. Unlike other treatments, no personal protective equipment is required for application. The single requirement is that Altriset must be used by licensed termite treatment professionals. The methods and amounts required are specific and must be followed. DuPont also says that Altriset is more expensive than other treatments, but the home will be free of termites in three months and protected for five years.

Termite treatments in Scottsdale are done by licensed professionals with years of experience. When a termite inspection is completed and termites are present in the home, a plan of action is offered that includes a variety of treatment options. Discuss the options with your pest management professional in order to get the best protection for your money.



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