Termites Uniting the World:

Australia Brings Solutions to Fiji



After all of the bad news I have found from Fiji, it’s so nice to finally have some super good news. Australian contractors have seen and heard the plight of the residents of Fiji devastated by termite infestation. They have followed along with the government officials who have been fighting a three phase battle to eradicate or contain the pests and rebuild the schools, businesses and homes. Australia has answers for Fiji and it could be a coup for both countries.

Contractors in Australia have been coming up with new termite resistant building methods for years. They have their own problems with termites and as necessity is the mother of invention, they have made great advances. Local students are being trained in the new building practices but have no hands on experience. The proposal is to bring these local students in, with a few key personnel that are already trained, so that they get the practical experience. The contractors will hire locally from Fiji’s citizens to build the new termite resistant homes.

The initial contract is for three homes; the contractor expects to build a thousand homes in the first year but hopes that number will double in subsequent years. There will be jobs galore in the coming years. The locals who need a home are instructed to acquire their own piece of land then show the contractor the deed and pay a deposit. The construction will begin once the deposit is made. The homes are not only termite resistant but can withstand earthquakes, other pests and flooding so the homeowners can feel secure while they are repaying their loans. The loans are promised to be affordable.

I feel so great finally having some good news from Fiji! The good news for us is that we still get great pest control in Phoenix. The professional that inspects your home can educate you on the latest safeguards against all of our Arizona pests. Okay, so it’s good, but not quite as good as Fiji.



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