Trading in Termites:

Phytosanitary Concerns in the Philippines


Phytosanitary issues deal with the possibility of plants and goods made from plants to carry diseases and pests. Some countries have an issue with importing or exporting due to insects while others are concerned with fungi or plant diseases. Most of the wood used in making furniture is treated and finished, but treatments vary by country. Some countries are wary over imports because of invasive pests and therefore impose stringent import restrictions.

The economy of our country and every other one, hinges not only on what we make and use, but what we import and export. Trade is a part of daily life as we trade work for pay, and money for goods. Money is made when you have something to offer that others need, but can’t make. For countries like the Philippines, you must export in order to thrive. Unfortunately they have had their fair share of termite infestations in recent years and their trade with New Zealand is threatened.

Furniture trade between the Philippines and the US dropped due to our economic downturn back in 2009. Earlier this year Europe issued a mandate that furniture must be made from wood grown on plantations and not from natural forests. New Zealand is currently concerned about importing termites if they continue to import wood furniture from the Philippines.

The furniture industry is already looking to the future, trying different markets out and planning to target audiences in each new market. By keeping production small and finding out what sells in each new market, the furniture makers in the Philippines can lower overhead. Their plans are to make whatever sells best for each individual market, rather than mass produce and ship the same furniture everywhere. With the expected 10% to 15% losses in the European market and the restrictions coming out of New Zealand, expanding into targeted marketing could save the industry. Currently there are only about ten furniture makers in the country that can qualify to export into Europe once the new rules go into full effect in March of 2013.

While furniture is not the only product that is exported from the Philippines, the country is used to about $2 million in furniture trade with New Zealand alone. If the threat of termites can harm the furniture trade, what other trade might termites threaten? Shipping crates and pallets can become infested with termites as well as other pests. US imports are inspected at the port and quarantined whenever pests are suspected.

The best way to make sure you have nothing to worry about, imports or not, is to contact your local pest management professionals. Prevention is always preferable to a cure; termite treatments in Scottsdale are only used when necessary. The initial termite inspection is free.


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