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Checking for Termite Activity after Treatment Brian Forschler

The University of Georgia Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department has made termite treatment a “family” affair. In the past twelve years Professor Brian Forschler and his students carry out the termite inspections and treatments according to the state standards and have saved UGA thousands of dollars by reducing pesticide usage by about 99%.

The professor claims it is because they use pints or quarts instead of gallons of chemicals. They are quick to respond to any reports from the 178 buildings on campus. When a swarm or termite activity is reported the team goes to work, inspecting and using various devices to measure the termite threat. Many times termite control can be taken care of with simple landscaping adjustments, such as moving soil away from the brick foundations. In spite of the many termite swarms reported over the years, there hasn’t ever been a swarm from the same place twice.

The professor also has a unique way of directing the termite traffic with ink that contains a solvent; the solvent, he says, acts much like the pheromone trail that termites use to follow each other in their dark subterranean home. It is twenty-five years of study that backs up the student fueled termite brigade.

The students gain much needed experience and scientific study by foiling the termites and the University gains savings over regular termite control companies. The UGA still hires a professional company to manage any new buildings, but the older buildings are a laboratory for Professor Forschler and his students.

Imagine having a termite brigade in our community to respond to every call at a moment’s notice. Termite Treatment in Tempe is the next best thing to UGA’s termite smiting Professor. The initial termite inspection is free and there is no obligation. Your inspector will lay out a plan of action that uses the best treatments available whether you decide to use chemical treatments or go green.


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