Why to Get My House Checked for Termites in Chandler AZ

Termites are fearsome creatures. They may be small but the extent to which they can damage your commercial or residential property is shocking. They are a certified home wrecker and their presence must not be taken lightly.

They love to munch on wood and can go through it at a ferocious rate. This means that once they get a foot hold into your home, any wooden structures are in danger of being totally destroyed. Termites have been known to make a mess of fabrics as well as carpets too so they pose quite a risk to your home.


Termites come in colonies to colonize your home. It is estimated that a small colony can go through about a foot of wood in half a year so what do you expect from a big colony, total and expensive destruction!

They take care to keep themselves tucked out of site and while you may think that you’re residential or commercial property is free of them, you can never be too sure. Termite and pest control is a question of not only protecting property but also saving money. Termites alone are estimated to be responsible for over 5 billion dollars worth of property damage per year.


Free termite inspection in Chandler AZ

All this damage is caused right under the noses of home owners such as yourself and that with the existence of free termite inspection services. The fact that these free services are at hand to assist commercial and residential property owners from facing such losses make the situation even sadder.

Arizona Termite and Pest control is here to make sure that you do not fall prey to the destructive patterns of termites and pests alike.


Expert Technicians in Chandler and Long Term Experience

We have been in business for over 20 years and our wealth of knowledge is at your disposal. Our expert technicians are from your locality and understand the terrain. They are Termidor Certified and give satisfactory services.

Any free termite inspection service from us comes with a warranty and ends with a detailed report that will give you all the information we gather on the extent of termite and pest infestation in your home or business.

We make sure to include the termite services that will be ideal for your home and any improvements you can make to guard against future infestations. Invest in a free termite inspection from Arizona pest and termite control for your peace of mind. You’ve worked hard to secure your property don’t just hand it over to termites and pests when we can take care of them for you.