Thinking about calling a termite inspector? Are you fearful that termites might be eating the house right out from under you? Do you think you hear chewing? Have you seen a winged ant (or could it be a termite?) flying around your home’s foundation? Is it just time for your yearly inspection?

Why It Makes Sense to Fear Termites

It makes sense that you might fear termite infestations – termites are found in every U.S. state except for Alaska. On top of that, they cause an estimated $50 billion in damages every year. That, on top of the fact that you can have a termite problem and not even know it, is reason enough to call. Here’s part one of “what termite inspectors look for,” so you can prepare for your termite inspection.

Termite Inspection – What an Inspector Looks For

(see Part 1 for more of what termite inspectors look for)

3.  Mud in Construction Joints

Termites are known to seal small gaps with dirt to make themselves more comfortable as they build their nests and their mud tunnels (see Part 1). So even if you do not find mud tunnels around your property, but you do see crusted dirt in what used to be small holes or cracks along your foundation or concrete, or mud crammed packed into construction joints, it might mean you’re dealing with termites.

4. Wood as Landscape

A termite inspector will also check your property for features that can attract and harbor termites. These things include:

  • Wood fencing adjacent to your house
  • Wood mulch that’s within 4 to 6 inches of your foundation
  • firewood
  • deadwood
  • wooden structures

5. Wood Damage

Termites gnaw on wood from the inside. Because of this, you usually don’t find surface damage. A termite inspector will tap wooden beams to detect low or flat sounds that indicate the wood might be hollowed out on the inside. Damaged wood will have long excavated grooves. This is what’s left behind as termites eat the soft spring-growth/cellulose sections of the wood.

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