Termites and Technology:

The Comparisons May Astound You


The Deccan Herald reported last month on a scientific study that likens our own social networks to the social networks on ant and termite colonies. Apparently the technology with which we communicate on the internet is very similar to the way that ants and termites carry out their own behaviors. Apparently an ant biologist from Stanford collaborated with a computer scientist and their findings show the similarities between the way traffic is controlled on the internet and the behaviors of these social insects.

I know what you’re thinking, wait a minute, “social insects?” Ants control traffic by laying scent trails when they find food. This is why you will see a steady stream of ants following the same “road” as they go and retrieve the food to take it back to the ant hill. This is the same way that computers find each other using Transmission Control Protocols. Without that we would still be sending letters.

The similarities between “us” and “them” doesn’t stop there, however. When you see how similar our traffic patterns seem, all of us driving into the city at the same time and home at the same time, the comparisons made between us and them become clearer. We have our own “social networks” on the internet. We all go and “like” the same things, play the games that our friends play and frequent the same sites. It’s all rather fascinating, to say the least.

Of course we don’t want to think of ourselves as having anything in common with the insects that invade our homes and cause costly damage. We are appalled at the colony of termites that has decided to wreck our lovely home. That’s why we have Pest Control Scottsdale, so that we don’t have to sacrifice our social networking for theirs. Take the time out of your schedule and have your home inspected by a qualified Termite Control technician in your area, and take advantage of a Free Termite Inspection. That is the only way you can guarantee that these social creatures will not set up a network in your home.

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